Gifting Artworks

Art is fundamentally an emotional purchase. Simply gift art you think your receiver will enjoy looking at everyday. It’s that simple. Next, decide on a budget. Our pieces range from $50 to $90K, we've got you covered.

Original pieces created by our established and experienced artists will be on the costlier side. Artworks by emerging artists will be more affordable. Of course, size and complexity matters too. Let us guide you!

Corporate Gifting
You’re ready to say thank you for a job well done or welcome a new client to your company, but you're stuck on what to send. If corporate gift ideas are what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. With every corporate gift you send, you’ll want to make an impact. Sometimes an instant smile from a thoughtful greeting card and that warm fuzzy feeling after receiving a box of sweets is great, but often you want it to create the long-term impression that you’re a great company to work for. If you’re sending a corporate gift to seek out new business, We can feature your corporate logo or include your business card along with the art piece. We will not overlook the subtle things as you still want your corporate gift to feel like a genuine gift. Besides these, we will be more than happy to hear out your ideas.

Wedding Registry
When it comes to holy matrimony, we understand that our clients want something with a significant meaning. An art wedding registry is not as unconventional as one would think. Creating a registry and selecting your art pieces can be a beautiful token. We house hundreds of curated and affordable art pieces. Arts Nepal will be obliged to cater to your guest list. Consulting with them in regards to their taste. We will make sure they have a piece of value which can be cherished forever.